Essential Oil

Petitgrain helps encourage restful sleep, relax the body, and clear the mind. It helps prevent body odour and bacterial skin infection.

฿ 520 ฿ 520

Pine has a refreshing and invigorating aroma. It is soothing for stressed muscles and joints. It also helps treat boils and cuts.

฿ 300 ฿ 300

Rosemary was used to help relieve muscle pain, improve immune system, and boost memory. It is believed to promote blood circulation.

฿ 460 ฿ 460

Rosewood oil prescribes for opening the inner ear, rekindling spiritual feeling and for discharging offensive memories.

฿ 540 ฿ 540

Spearmint has a cooling effect on the brain, augments memory skill, boosts immunity, and promotes peaceful sleep.

฿ 420 ฿ 420

Tangerine promotes happiness and uplifts the spirit. It stimulates cell generation in the body, purifies blood, and removes toxins.

฿ 390 ฿ 390

Tea Tree is effective against fungal & bacterial infections. It is also boost immune system and stimulate blood circulation.

฿ 480 ฿ 480

Vanilla is a good treatment of anxiety and depression. It is an effective antidepressant. It protects body from free radicals and infection.

฿ 640 ฿ 640

Ylang Ylang provides relief from stress, anger, expression and anxiety. It prevents wounds from infections and speeds up healing process.

฿ 590 ฿ 590

Uplifting and relaxing, it is good for building confidence and enhancing your mood. It has a long history of use for oily and trouble skin.

฿ 2,900 ฿ 2,900

Eucalyptus naturally reduces stress and tension. It can be used to treat different respiratory issues including sinusitis, and sore throat.

฿ 1,800 ฿ 1,800

A calming oil, use on irritated skin, for muscle tension, headaches, to calm and relax the mind, to reduce stress and to promote restful sleep.

฿ 3,000 ฿ 3,000

A refreshing oil, uses to revive your senses and mind after a hardworking day. It relieves fatigue and energises your senses.

฿ 2,100 ฿ 2,100

The Cooling Oil, use for respiratory issues, digestive discomfort, pain, headaches, fever, acid reflux, and to flavour food.

฿ 2,200 ฿ 2,200

Assists in awareness of the body, renewing both the physical and psychological aspects of the mind.

฿ 480 ฿ 480

Represents our creative energy and reproductive organs. Creating a beautiful, sensual atmosphere.

฿ 540 ฿ 540

Increases energy, and clears the mind. Leads to personal empowerment, increasing inspiration and motivation.

฿ 480 ฿ 480

Stimulates human energy, opening the heart, and increasing faith.

฿ 540 ฿ 540

A blend oils which enables us to speak with truth and clarity. The throat chakra is associated with self expression and communication.

฿ 590 ฿ 590

A warm scent that increases comfort and sensuality. Enhances creativity, emotional balance, and pleasure.

฿ 480 ฿ 480

Helps you trust in your power to connect with divine inspiration. Uplifting, clearing, and easing.

฿ 590 ฿ 590