Essential Oil, Vanilla, 10 ml.


Vanilla is a good treatment of anxiety and depression. It is an effective antidepressant. It protects body from free radicals and infection.

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Vanilla Essential Oil

Botanical Name :  Vanilla Planifolia

Extraction method  :  Solvent Extracted
Perfumery Note  :  Base
Aromatic Description  :  Rich, sweet, warm.
Therapeutic properties  :  antioxidant, aphrodisiac, antimutagenic, febrifuge, antidepressant, sedative, tranquilizing, and a relaxing substance.

Description :  It is comforting and relaxing and has a calming effect on the nervous system which may help relieve stress, anxiety and anger. Vanilla has sedative properties that can soothe inflammation and hyperactivity in respiratory, circulatory, digestive, and nervous systems. As an antioxidant it can be a wonderful addition to your daily skin and hair care regime. Sandalwood, Vetiver, Orange, spice oils, florals, and citruses.

Use : Neutralizes free radicals and protects the body from wear and tear, and infections, stimulates the secretion of certain hormones like testosterone and estrogen and promote sexual arousal, reduce fever by fighting infections, antidepressant and mood lifter, provide relief from anxiety, anger, and restlessness.

Blend well with : Sandalwood, Vetiver, Orange, spice oils, florals, and citruses.

Oil Burner: Add 4 drops of essential oil for a burning time of 20 minutes.
Massage: Dilute 3-5 drops of essential oil in 10 ml. of carrier oil.
Inhalation: Put 5 drops in 200 ml. of steamed water and inhale for 3-5 minutes.
Bath: Put 15 drops of essential oil  in the bath tub for a 20 minutes bath.

Precautions : It is a non-toxic oil, but is not normally used in aromatherapy.

General Safety Information : Do not take any oils internally.  If you are pregnant, epileptic, have liver damage, have cancer, or have any other medical problem, use oils only under the proper guidance of a qualified aromatherapy practitioner. Use extreme caution when using oils with children and be sure to first read the recommended dilution ratios for children. Consult a qualified aromatherapy practitioner before using oils with children, the elderly, if you have medical issues or are taking medications.
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