Formulated with plant extracts, this hand sanitizing gel is a refreshing way to kill germs.

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a quick dry formula that is naturally antizeptic energizing and invigorating

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Specially formulated with lemongrass & Aloe vera extracts, it gently cleanses away the impurities without taking away the skin softness.

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This superrich hand cream contains pure herb extracts that deeply drench dry skin and preserve softness all day. leave hands powdery soft.

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This extra nourishing non-greasy cream provides the moisture for anyone who loves to have a pair of soft and smooth hands.

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Infused with rice barn oil and jasmin extract, this extra nourishing non-greasy cream provides the moisture to a pair of soft and smooth hands.

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Ideal for conditioning and revitalizing your hand

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Refreshing rose water and natural oil absorb quickly, deliver long lasting softness, soothed cuticles and strengthened nails.

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An extra moisturizing cleanser formulated for hands with the nourishing and fortifying elements of pennywort and turmeric extracts.

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Infused with lemongrass extracts that gently cleanses your hands without drying. This intensive formula keeps your hands clean and fresh.

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A splash of this refreshing spray relaxes your feet instantaneously and leaves you with the refreshing coolness of Peppermint oil.

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This massage oil works wonders for re energizing and moisturizing your tired feet, especially after jogging or shopping.

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Blended with all natural essential oils, this non-greasy formula gently nourishes your feet with moisture and softness.

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Hand Cream Gift Set: Paper Box w. 4x25ml Hand Cream (Lavender-Chamomile, Lemon-Tea Tree, Oriental Wood, Lemongrass)

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