This bath salt will open up your skin pores and remove toxins, resulting in better skin tone, and enhancing its smoothness.

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Containing a mixture of natural herbs and oil, this bath salt soothes tired muscles and calms wearied minds with its properties.

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Pamper yourself with this bath salt which contains beneficial of natural extracts and feel rejuvenated with its freshness and vitality.

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Contain 100% sea salts with natural herb that helps to calm and comfort your skin. Let it melts your muscles and replenishes your soul.

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Ease away your daily stress with this emollient bubble bath. Its properties will make you feel calm, relax, and refreshed again.

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Containing all the goodness of natural extracts and essential oils, this bubble bath brings back suppleness to sagging skin.

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These soaks bring healthful benefits both through the skin and by breathing in the pure scents.

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