Enriched with botanical essence, this shampoo prevents moisture loss, keeping your hair healthy and shiny.

Sold 45 items

฿490 ฿490



This conditioning shampoo restores damaged hair to its former state as its properties provide hydration, making hair more manageable.

Sold 13 items

฿490 ฿490



A nice treat for both short and long hair, it washes away all pollutants, restoring the softness and silky shine to your beloved asset.

Sold 18 items

฿490 ฿490



Conditioner, Lemongrass, 220ml.

Sold 25 items

฿490 ฿490



Conditioner, Lavender-Chamomile 220ml.

Sold 6 items

฿490 ฿490



A must for people who have hair problems, its properties remove greasiness, leaving the hair with a clean and healthy shine.

Sold 8 items

฿680 ฿680




This blended promises lasting lustrous hair while moisturizing it. Coconut softens brittle ends while tangerine enhances body and strength.

Sold 6 items

฿780 ฿780



For normal to oily hair removes excess oil, residue, and debris instantly without stripping the hair of moisture or vitality.

Sold 20 items

฿490 ฿490



Formulated for normal to oily hair types, this light conditioner is made with plant extracts and pure essential oils.

Sold 3 items

฿460 ฿460


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