Aroma Sachet, Lemongrass


Elevate your mood with our sachet's energizing lemongrass scent, perfect for drawers, closets, and small spaces. Its natural essence purifies and refreshes your environment.


How to use:

•         Choose the Right Location: Aroma sachets can be placed in a variety of locations depending on where you want the fragrance. Common spots include:

•         Drawers or closets to freshen clothing or linens.

•         Bathrooms to maintain a fresh scent.

•         Cars for a constant pleasant aroma.

•         Near your bed or pillow for a relaxing scent that can aid in better sleep.

•         Living areas, such as on shelves or tables, to subtly scent the room.

•         Suitcases or gym bags to keep them smelling fresh.

•         Unpack Properly: Remove sachet from outer packaging. However, do not open the sachet itself as the contents are meant to stay inside the porous bag.

•         Place the Sachet: Simply place or hang the sachet in your chosen location.

•         Refresh the Scent: Occasionally, give the sachet a gentle shake or squeeze to release more fragrance. Over time, the scent will diminish. Some sachets can be refreshed with a few drops of essential oil to prolong their lifespan and strengthen the fragrance.

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