Tapian Exotic Sachet


Tapian Exotic Sachet with Essential Oil Signature 5ml to create a nice scent environment.


Tapian Exotic Sachet

    Thailand has long been familiar with and close to carp, and in the past it was believed that fish Carp is a symbol of fertility. Therefore, the ancient Thai people believed that Carp is a good fortune. Make money flowing. If the house is hanging a fish in front of the house to make it rich and prosperous trade. In addition, the carp is a sign of diligent.

     This precious handmade Tapian Sachets, to scent the most intimate spaces of the house, from drawers to wardrobes. An exotic Thai design with handmade, a unique fragrance, and our signature blend essential oil as a tribute to the most precious design from Mt.Sapola

Direction : Place anywhere you want to fill your room with a wonderful aroma.  Essential oils are needed to refresh when you notice the scent begins to fade.

Where can you use Tapian Sachet?
    •    Stow them in drawers or closets to keep stale odors away.
    •    Tuck one in your pillow to help you have a better night’s sleep.
    •    In shoes to help freshen and eliminate odor.
    •    In your holiday closet to make your gifts and wrap etsmell festive.
    •    In a bathroom to keep it smelling fresh.
    •    In your car (better alternative to commercial air fresheners!)



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