Herbal Bath Tea


This soak brings health benefits, both through the skin, and through breathing in the pure scent.

Categories : Herbal Compress Bath


Perfect for the end of a tough day; or to calm before one begins!

Softer Skin
Skin softening and healing herbs.

Back Pain
Herbs and salts to soothe the pain.

Sore Tired Muscles
Perfect after a workout. Or mowing; or shoveling snow, depending on where you are... Salts and herbs to soothe the ache.

Can help you get up and go. After a nice bath of course. Gently stimulates both circulation and the nervous system.

Direction :  
A relaxing herbal bath can be as simple as adding a few commercial tea bags to the water. Some people like to steep the bags in boiling water first, then add them to the bath.

Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes and ears. If skin irritation
occurs immediately discontinue use and consult physician. External use only

Extracts :
Turmeric , Plai , Lemongrass, Kaffirlime, Ginger and Acacia concinna leaves

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