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Room Scent, Sandalwood - Orange Creates an atmosphere of calm & serenity and enhances your space with comforting scent.

฿ 890 ฿ 890

Paper Box Gift Set with 4x65ml Room Scents : 4x65ml Room Scents (Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Orange, Peppermint)

฿ 990 ฿ 990

A fresh scent that always awakens the senses especially when you are feeling under the weather. Promoting concentration. Good for work spaces and for clearing the atmosphere.

฿ 460 ฿ 460
Best Seller

Surround yourself with soft, soothing scents that let Sweet Dream sets the stage for delightful dreaming. Lavender releases the stress of the day. Good for relaxation, bedroom and creating a good atmosphere.

฿ 790 ฿ 790

A fresh, lemony scent, refreshes and purifies any atmosphere. Great for clearing the energy for a space. Especially recommended for the workplace, living rooms, cars and clearing the atmosphere.

฿ 490 ฿ 490

A wonderful aroma that make any room smell uplifting and clean. A calming oil that is great for aiding restlessness and sleeplessness. Recommended for bedrooms and to create a motivating, good atmosphere.

฿ 460 ฿ 460

A fresh scent that refreshes and vitalises the atmosphere. Great for adding a spark of freshing happiness to the air. Especially recommended for the workplace, living room and car.

฿ 490 ฿ 490

Tea Tree Oil and Pine Oil are well known for their antibacterial properties. The scent is very effective in keeping the bathroom smell fresh and clean.

฿ 460 ฿ 460
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