Face Spa


Enriched with vitamin C from yuzu oil which is famous for efficiently brightening and moisturizing the skin.

฿ 1,480 ฿ 1,480

A delicately scented spray, ideal for all skin types, that refreshes tired facial skin during the day and creates a relaxing facial compress that soothes the senses while it revitalizes tired skin.

฿ 380 ฿ 380

Jasmine Water refreshes tired skin by creating a sense of relaxation that will erase fine lines, resulting in a more even skin texture.

฿ 480 ฿ 480

With its cooling and toning effects, Rose Water replenishes your complexion with moisture, softening wrinkle lines.

฿ 590 ฿ 590

Argan oil repairs, protects and strengthens skin, delivering a fresh, dewy glow.

฿ 890 ฿ 890

This is known to help improve the overall appearance of your skin.

฿ 790 ฿ 790

This oil nourishes and regenerates skin. It helps minimize fine lines and wrinkles.

฿ 890 ฿ 890

An excellent natural anti-ageing treatment, this oil is recommended for the dry and delicate skin

฿ 790 ฿ 790